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Tunnel Vision

When we think of tunnel vision we often think that it must be negative. That this person doesn't care what others think? That they aren't giving us what we need because they are so focused on what they want. Or they have one thing on their mind and can't see anything but what's at the end of the tunnel. The informal definition is "the tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view." What if we flipped all of the negativity over to reveal the amazing gifts of having tunnel vision, allowing these words to mean razor sharp focus on what we want. What if it didn't matter what other people thought? What if we got to focus on exactly what we wanted and didn't allow the myriad of voices in our heads to distract us from the prize at the end of the tunnel?

Tunnels always make me think of birth canals. I was plucked through my mom's stomach, a wiggling

bald cherub. I never had the opportunity to go through the contractions of push and pull. It was an easy way to arrive into this world in between my doctor's golf games.

According to birth matrix studies, adults who were cesarean births may attract situations where they will need to be rescued and will easily be taken out of these situations. Some would say this rocks! And yes there are gifts in every path our birth process sets before us and yet my obstacle has been avoiding long sustained efforts in fear of the struggle that I have perceived would come with it.

I have now realized that commitment to sharing my gifts and purpose will equal greater gifts and rewards. Taking sustained action everyday and having tunnel vision focused on positivity, creativity and sharing my gifts is a good thing. And perhaps being in a tunnel is exactly where I need to be. No way to rescue me from not moving forward in making all my dreams come true. Birthing myself into becoming more light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. Isn't it perfect I live right by Tunnel Road! Honk! Honk!

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