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Queen Jess Lee

Channeling your spiritual guidance system




Available for Zoom (Video of session included), Skype and phone readings.You are welcome to book online or text me to set up an appointment at 828-424-6777.


What  to expect : Depending on your chosen time, I will first call in a container for us and then open my channel for your spiritual guidance system to come in. What's a spiritual guidance system? This system is your unseen support group which can include your loved ones who have crossed over, animal spirit guides, angel guides, master guides, elementals and any other guides that surround you. Past lives also may come through during your reading. 


Then I will channel without any prompting for an allotted time. Then I will ask if you'd like to have me continue channeling, if not, then this is a time you can ask for clarification or any questions you have for the remaining time. 


Please remember this is your reading so if you'd like to adjust your reading to meet your needs please feel free to ask. 


If you choose a written report I will ask you to submit questions via e-mail to I will first download information for you without referencing your questions for the allotted time and then answer your questions for the remaining time. You will then be emailed your channeled messages.

Why a written report? A written report gives you something tangible to hold on to and refer to when needed. I am also a fast typer, so I can download a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Also if the reading calls for it, I will include photos of any cards I chose for you during the reading.

in person

Available for private sessions for Asheville, NC at decided upon outdoor locations determined by us. I am also available for group sessions, parties and events. A discount is available for host of a party.


If I journey to your area, I am available for in person readings. Please follow me on my Facebook page

 and I will keep you posted.  


about me.

For 17 years, Queen Jess Lee has channeled messages from spirit guides, weaving together past lives with present life to give insights in order for you to manifest all your dreams. Her mission is to assist human spirit-beings on their journey by giving divinely guided messages through channeling, card divination and mediumship.


Queen Jess Lee has her M.S. in Education from  Nova Southeastern University, her BA in psychology from Warren Wilson College, is a Priestess and a certified Medium and Angel Card Reader™ by Doreen Virtue.


Queen Jess Lee’s spiritual reading journey began when she re-discovered automatic writing in a sunshine induced San Franciscan apartment. She channeled her loved one who crossed over for two hours with a pen to an old newspaper. Even though a passionate poet and novelist, Queen Jess Lee decided to put away the pen and directly channeled energies from the other side. After doing this for friends for years, she decided to get more specific and received certification from Doreen Virtue in Mediumship and Angel Card Reading. She worked professionally for a metaphysical bookstore named Dreamcatcher in Jensen Beach FL, for a year. At the store she lead galleries, was the on call reader and read for psychic fairs.


She was the senior reader at Instant Karma Downtown Asheville N.C. and at Instant Karma West Asheville N.C. for over three years. She currently connects you with your spiritual guidance from the comfort of her mountain apartment. 




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30 Minute Reading 

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45 Minute Reading

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60 Minute Reading

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